вторник, 19 апреля 2011 г.

Как я провела весенние каникулы. In English

I like the way I spent the time during the March Break. It was informative, enjoyable, and efficient. Although I didn’t attend English classes, I followed the schedule. Surprisingly, I can’t live without an everyday schedule.
My daily routine was built around two American TV shows: “Family Feud” and “Millionaire”. I can’t watch these programs during the semester because I’m in school at the broadcasting time. So, I especially enjoyed the shows in the March break. Versions of these shows are relatively popular in Russia. I used to watch them and even answer the questions successfully. Unfortunately, participating in English is over my head. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to understand the questions in “Millionaire”, especially when a question contained a good number of unknown words in a row. The other difficulty was that most times I hadn’t any idea what or whom they were asking about. I postponed the idea to earn some money by taking part in “Millionaire”. My grandmother always dreamt about finding a huge packet full of money on the street. Probably, I inherited that desire for easy money from her.
Once, when we played tennis in Scarborough on the March Break, a man from the next court approached and invited us to join their double’s battle. I was happy to start to build that often heard “social network” in Canada, which is very important for successful adaptation in the new society. Besides, those guys played tennis fairly well, joyfully, and passionately. In general, the Chinese are always active and fit. They play regularly. We have a sort of a reservations’ competition for the tennis court with them.
I never read as much as I read during the March Break. I must confess that the reading was in Russian. I continued to discover Arthur Hailey’s works. As for English, I practiced only the grammar drills. Just before the start of the new semester, I began another novel in English. I know very well the plot of “Hearts of Three”, written by Jack London. It was one of my favorite adventure books in my teens. It will help me to push myself to reading in English.
Finally, the most enjoyable part of the March Break was the afternoon nap. Nothing could be better than having a nap after a plateful of soup! 
I had a great time. By the end of the March Break, I was ready to return to my ordinary routine. Now, I am happy to be in class again!

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