вторник, 19 апреля 2011 г.

Обо мне написала одноклассница. In English

I’d like to introduce one of my classmates in LINC. Her name is Anna. She is from Russia and her hometown is Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg means the city of Ekaterina, which was a queen’s name.
Anna came to Canada four months ago. She speaks Russian, English, French, and a little bit of Japanese. Her new family member in Canada is her husband. She graduated from university in Russia. She got a Bachelor’s degree in economics. 
She also had a sports education. She used to work as a tennis instructor and a marketing advisor. She started playing tennis when she was seven years old. She worked as a tennis instructor for 16 years in Russia. Even though she is in Toronto, she usually plays two or three times a week with her friends. She has a lot of hobbies so that she is never bored.
She loves to travel lone, and sometimes with her husband. She travels all over the world: Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, and so on. 
She plays a board game named “Scrabble”. She plays Russian Scrabble with her classmate, Viktoriya, during the lunch break and English Scrabble with her husband once a week. Her husband doesn’t play the Russian Scrabble with her because she is too strong so he doesn’t have any chance to win.
She used to ride a horse two times a week for two hours each time. She enjoyed riding around the bush and forest. It helps her relax. She misses horse riding a lot so she is looking for somewhere she can ride in Toronto. I hope she can find it soon.
She doesn’t want to live for long in one place, so she has a plan to move to Ottawa or South America some day in the near future. If she had a lot of money, she would live in Switzerland. She likes the life style.
She is a hard-working person. She used to work 70 hours a week, but no weekends. She is also enthusiastic and energetic.
I have been in the class only a week but I can tell that she is a passionate student. She studies hard and asks the teacher many questions. Her attitude has a very good influence on me. I love to travel and listen to someone’s travel stories. Her stories are very interesting. I’ll ask her again to tell me her stories.


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