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Tales. In English

I would like to notice that more than 20 years ago Russia was one of 15 republics of the Soviet Union. It was a multi-national country with different religious. There were Muslim republics. Moslem men were allowed to have more than one wife.
Blue necklace
A man had 3 wives. He presented a blue necklace each of his wives as a symbol of his love. He ordered not to show and not to tell about this necklace to the other wives and anyone else.
Once, 3 wives had a quarrel about whom their husband loved the most. They appealed to their husband for his judgment. They asked him “Whom do you love the most?”
He answered “Who has a blue necklace”.
Each of his wives became relieved and happy, because each of them thought that she is better than other wives.

How a man was looking for a perfect wife
A man wanted to find a perfect wife. He travelled to many neighboring cities. Finally, he returned home. His friend asked to tell about his experience.
-          Once I met a warm-hearted woman, but she wasn’t beautiful enough.
-          In another city I met a very pretty woman, but she wasn’t a down-to-earth person.
-          Finally, in the third city I met attractive, sensitive, practical, and smart woman.
-          Great! Did you marry her?
-          No, she was looking a perfect husband.

The sun and the wind
Once the sun and the wind had an argument about who is stronger: the sun or the wind.
They decided to have a competition. They had chosen a traveler on the road as a guinea pig.
The wind said to the sun:
-          Look how strong am I. I will tear his coat off!
The wind started to blow as strong as he could. But the more he blew the more the traveler wrapped in his coat.
Wind was very furious, he sent snow and rain to the traveler. But the traveler put more and more clothes.
Finally, the wind gave up.
The sun smiled, came out of the clouds, and warmed the traveler. Then he took off some clothes.
The sun told the wind:
-          Look, with kindness and tenderness I can achieve more than you with anger and brutality.

Why the hare has long ears
Once upon a time there was a hare in the forest. He was similar to a hare nowadays, but he had small ears.
Do you think that he suffered from that? Not at all. He heard very well. Moreover, he had the sharpest ear in the forest. And he took advantage of this unique ability. For example, he overheard somebody’s conversation, added his own words, told this gossip to the talkative magpie, who couldn’t keep secrets. After a while everybody knew hare’s fabrication. Hare used to walk in the forest, came close to the neighbor’s homes, and overheard the reaction to his stories.
So, he was satisfied with his small ears. But he wasn’t happy with his small tail. He felt extremely envious of the fox’s tail. The hare decided to make up a story about fox’s tail. He told his new story to the magpie.
Do you know, that the fox refuses his tail?! She fed up with his long, furry tail because it gets stuck in the grass and bushes. And every flea wants to jump on this thick tail. The fox begged me to exchange our tails. What do you think, magpie, will fox’s tail suit me?
The magpie was shocked by this news. She hurried to tell it everybody in the forest.
The hare decided to walk and overheard other animal’s reaction to his new rumor. When he approached fox’s house, he was very glad that the door was slightly open. He saw a fox and a wolf. He put his ears through the door. He heard mad Fox’s voice and her furious reaction to hare’s gossip. The hare felt like a hero. He had made the fox angry.
Suddenly, the wind blew. The door was closed, hare’s ears got stuck. Scared hare pulled and pulled his ears. Finally, he broke free and run home as fast as he could. At home he felt that there were ribbons on his head. He looked at the mirror. Those ribbons were his ears!
The moral of this tale: if you like gossiping and overhearing, take care about your ears.

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  1. Гы! В Советском Союзе многоженство запрещено было :-) Даже мусульманам. А так - прикольные сказки.

  2. Взято из сказок Ходжи Насреддина, которые, вероятно, были написаны до Советской власти. Можно допустить, что некоторые не питали особого пиетета перед Советской властью и жили себе как жили